I Got Skills Hawaii has received an overwhelmingly positive response from participants and their parents. The camp is praised for its ability to boost players’ confidence, improve their skills, and increase their passion for the game. Parents have noted significant improvements in their children’s abilities after attending the camp, and many have become repeat attendees.

The coaching staff at I Got Skills is highly regarded, with parents commending their enthusiasm, teaching methods, and the balance they strike between fun and discipline. The camp is not only enjoyable for the children, but it also offers a great opportunity for them to learn from experienced coaches and make new friends.

What parents have to say:

The camp was a great tune-up for the boys prior to the Kirk Banks Tournament. The boys ended winning the U10 boys championship. Thanks very much!

Christina Boyea-Quiton – Aiea, HI

The was fun for my kids they got to learn from different coaches and learned with a new group of kids that they will be playing against in the future they had a lot of fun especially watching Alex Mendoza and Umar juggling the ball that was a good experience that made my kids want to get better with ball handling thank you Jason and your staff at I got skills and coach “Freddie P in da place to be” is the best with coaching speed/agility and skills. Thanks again.

Isaia Ah Kiong – Kapolei, HI

Conditioning has helped my child with flexibility, coordination and speed.

Calvin Acosta – Waipahu, HI

My child was able to become more confident in attacking the ball at I got Skills.

Ian Lorenzo – Aiea, HI

my son Merrick had heaps of fun at the spring waipio camp. i felt that his confidence and ability has improved with kids his age and older. i could tell that he was very engaged and involved by the amount of mud and dirt that he brought home daily. overall he made lots of friends and was bummed that it didn’t last longer. thanks to coach jason and coach duke!

Ojay Tambio – Mililani, HI

Carla enjoyed the camp! The freestyle instructors were great.

Carl Small – Waipahu, HI

Great experience for the kids!!

Angela Pia – Mililani, HI

Maya loves attending I Got Skills Soccer Camp every chance she gets. She just loves learning from Coach Jason Popkin and his staff.

Michele Miyamoto – Honolulu, HI

Did a nice job making sure everybody felt included regardless of skill level

Karen Straskraba – Kapolei, HI

My daughter had a fun time attending the igotskills camp. She came home exhausted and filthy, so I know she was working hard!

Erlene Sumile – Mililani, HI

The children all seemed to have fun.

Lorraine Sakuda – Honolulu, HI

My daughter loves these camps!

Gloria Payoyo – Pearl City, HI

The format allows for a lot of touches each day and the coaches are enthusiastic. Good program.

Ian Attwood – Aiea, HI

Zoey Loved it. Definitely looking forward to the next one!

Erlinda Anguay – Central Oahu, HI

When the camp ended Blu was sad and has said several times how much he enjoyed it and looks forward to attending again at the next break.

Kim Hoohuli – Waipahu, HI

The camp was a great concept, had a convenient location and good hours.

Robin Min – Honolulu, HI

My son is a beginner in soccer, but in a short period of time at the camp, I could see a tremendous improvement in his overall skills, and I also saw him gain a lot of confidence by the end. At the outset of the camp, he told me he was nervous because he had hardly practiced the sport and was afraid he wouldn’t do well. And as we walked to the parking lot after the last day, he said, “I feel proud of how much I got better this week.”

Jason Seaborn – Kapolei, HI

My daughter was hesitant about going to camp not knowing what to expect but by the end of camp she was excited to show me what she learned and wants to attend the next camp. She was more confidant at her next game and her foot work has improved as well.

Nicolette Uemoto – Mililani, HI

My daughter really enjoys the games and fun activities. Thank you!

Iolani Wright – Mililani, HI

My daughter had a blast, learned skills, and gained confidence. This was a great camp!

Gloria Payoyo – Pearl City, HI

My child only went for one day but he had a blast! He got to see and work with other kids his age and older and felt that the soccer was really competitive. He loved the scrimmage part especially where he got to play as a striker. We look forward to enrolling our son again!

Ojay Tambio – Mililani, HI

I am happy with the coach and how my son get better.

Pyie Aung – Honolulu, HI

Coach Freddie helped me understand the importance of building ball skills and agility to become a better soccer player, despite having a small stature. He brought my knowledge of soccer to a whole new level. I truly appreciate what I learned and will take his recommendations to heart. Much Mahalo

Ajay Patel – Kanoehe, HI

I think my son left with an increased love and excitement for soccer. He always played, but was never this enthusiastic. Any session with you boosts my daughter’s confidence and helps elevate her as a player. The coaches were extremely good to my kids, I was very happy with the way they both coached and looked after them. I thought my son would be too tired from so many hours of soccer, but he can’t wait to go back! He said it was so much fun!

Tracy Ng – Kaneohe, HI

Thank u every one who came out to help with my child!!!

Skylar Holt – Kapolei, HI

My daughter had a great time, she enjoyed going and learning new skills and techniques.

Deidre Nishimura – Honolulu, HI

When my daughter’s friend’s mom asked if my daughter wanted to do soccer camp, I honestly didn’t think she would want to. She surprised me when she said she wanted to and then I thought that she just wanted to hang out with her friend and would be complaining that she was hot and tired after day 1. Not only did she improve her soccer skills, but she also had a lot of fun and gained confidence. THANK YOU!!! We would definitely send her back for another session!

Donna Kido – Honolulu, HI

My daughter really enjoyed the clinic even though her muscles were killing her. She never hesitated to come back the next day.

Christine Pascual – Waipahu, HI

My son has attended several I Got Skills camps. His abilities have greatly improved with each camp. His love for the game has skyrocketed and his desire to get better has jumped leaps and bounds. I recommend the camp to my players I coach in AYSO so they can make big improvements.

Brent Suyama – Mililani, HI

This past Sunday game (hysa) I noticed my son more confident, quicker and more observant. I got skills camp was a great investment.

Shelby Miyamoto – Mililani, HI

I saw positive results with my child and most of all he enjoyed the overall experience. It seemed to give him more confidence in the sport.

Sheri Nagano – Honolulu, HI

Camp was great & coaches was awesome !!

Skylar Holt – Kapolei, HI

My son enjoyed very much. He couldn’t wait for next day.

Kumi Nobe – Honolulu, HI

Was an excellent opportunity for my son to enhance and improve his Soccer skills. Highly recommend it to all who wish to add a different approach to the game. Looking forward to the next session!

Richard Leeper – Ewa Beach, HI

My two boys told me a lot of technical movement they learned from their coach. But I worried they are going to forget it soon.

Jiashi Zhao – Wahiawa, HI

My 9 year old son has attended two I Got Skills soccer camps and he always has a wonderful time! The coaches make the camp fun but the kids take away increased soccer skills and fitness. Thank you!

My 6 year old daughter attended the fall break I Got Skills soccer camp and thoroughly enjoyed herself! They have many different activities so it is never boring. They work on overall fitness, foot skills, 1v1 and scrimmages to help the kids develop their soccer skills further! I can honestly say that I’ve seen my daughter soccer skills but most importantly her confidence soar!

Lisa Kwock – Mililani, HI

I was surprised that my daughter was up early and ready for the camp every morning even though she was sore after the first day, she would show the family what she learned that day and also remind us of how sore she was lol but she loved it thanks for the great experience to all the I got skills staff

Mario Arias – Rancho Cucamonga, CA

My son absolutely loves soccer, this camp helped him have fun and stay active for the break. He loved every minute of it!

Everett Dimas – San Dimas, CA

My daughter had a great time!

Tara Shook – Waipahu, HI

My daughter had a great time! We are both looking forward to the next camp, and my son wants to do it as well.

Tammy Wicke – Waipahu, HI

My daughter has only played in AYSO leagues and those were on Hickam. The training and confidence she gained from just 1 week of camp surpassed 3 years of “base soccer”. She is 12 and is much more prepared to move up to U14 now because of the training received at this camp.

Scott Tucker – Honolulu, HI

Riley loves the I got skills camps and jumps at any chance to train with Coach Jason! I know that Riley’s foot skills improve with every camp she attends.

Paul NG – Kaneohe, HI

I liked that this camp was fun, but not just “fun and games”. There was learning going on. My daughter enjoyed it.

Lynn Wakahiro – Aiea, HI

After I participating in the I got skills camp for the first time, I have seen my son grow in his foot skills. He was excited to learn new skills, talked about drills he participated in and how the coaches were fun to learn from. Both my husband and I have seen the positive changes both on and off the field. We will definitely continue to attend these camps! Mahalo Jason!

Jannie Umeda – Mililani, HI

My daughter Thalia looks forward to I Got Skills with every school break she has. It has boosted her confidence and skills in soccer so much in just a week. She came home everyday showing me something new she learned and was so proud to show me how it’s done.

Stephanie Histo – Kaneohe, HI

My son has much more confidence with ball handling after going thru this fall’s soccer camp, much improvement affected his game mentality.

With every camp Nisho has attended, we are proud of how confident he is growing towards the sport. It is his preferred staycation activity.

Nick Simon – Kapolei, HI

On the first day of camp while checking in my daughter didn’t want to attend the camp, but by the end of the first day she loved it and could not wait for the next day.

Kim Holt – Kapolei, HI

My daughter had a great time at the I Got Skills camp and is showing a noticeable improvement in her soccer play. She is anxious to attend the next camp in January.

Jesse Morgan – Ewa Beach

My daughter has a game each Saturday. Comparing the game she played on the Saturday prior to her week at camp and the game she played the Saturday right after camp, there was a dramatic improvement! It was like watching a completely different player! Thank you!

Lindsay Fassett – Pearl City

My kids enjoyed making new friends and seeing more skilled players.

Robbie Stewart – Waianae, HI

I enrolled both of my kids for the Fall camp. My daughter is 9 years old and she loves soccer. I wanted her to gain more confidence on the field and increase her experience playing on the field since her primary position on her soccer team is goalkeeper. She has definitely gained more confidence and stamina has increased as well. For my son, he just started playing soccer so it will take him some time to reach the same level of skill as his teammates. I’ve seen his skills improve and his confidence on the field has grown as well. We will take advantage of the I Got Skills camps in the future. For anyone who has kids that love the game of soccer and wish to take their skills to the next level, this camp is a great opportunity to specialize in the various skills within a week’s time. Thanks Jason and Coaches!

Jean Howard – Mililani, HI

It was totally worth it! Although my son knew nothing about soccer, he enjoyed himself and learned a lot. My daughter learned to be more aggressive and I can see improvements during her normal soccer practices. Thanks for this awesome program!

k. Ah Mook Sang – Pearl City, HI

Patrick said this camp was the best one so far. Nice group of kids especially for such a big group. Thx

Jessica Bouchard-Haines – Waipahu, HI

Thank you sooo much Coach Jason!! Once again Sophia really enjoyed herself!

Erlene Sumile – Mililani, HI

Just wanted to say thank you for the camp this week. Charlie had a blast and I’m sure he learned a lot

Wade Matsumoto – Mililani, HI

I have two children in I Got Skills and they LOVE it! We have been so very pleased with the coaches and the organization. They really work on developing each players abilities to handle the ball, and also how to work as a team. So key in soccer! They are also very good about building each child’s confidence. They take the time to compliment the players, and put a smile on their face. Great Program!

Kacey Rollins – Hawaii Kai, HI

Jamie Has Really Benefited From The Training And Team Building exercises Taught At Your Camps. Coaches Daniel And Jason Work So Well With The Kids With A Nice Balance Of Fun And Discipline.

Chris Messer – Hawaii Kai, HI

We have our 10 year old son in this program. His ball handling skills and confidence has gone up so much in two months! I would recommend this to anyone. Thank you coach Jason!

Chong Kim – Honolulu, HI

My son thoroughly enjoyed the Fall Soccer Camp. He gained confidence and skills that were noticed by his coach and peers. We are looking forward to the next camp with Jason and Team. Mahalo nui loa.

Sandra C – Honolulu, HI

Awsome to have guest coaches come and do any type of soccer camp for Kauai kids. Wish it lasted longer as the kids were getting into the groove of a camp Atmosphere.

Alan Duldulao – Kalaheo, HI

If you are looking for a winter intercession program that gets your child moving, igotskills is a good place to go. The price is comparative to other programs, so I would do it again.

Shellie Maize – Mililani, HI

My 2 boys have learned & gained so much from your training! Big confidence booster!

Monica Kim – Hawaii Kai, HI

My nine year old went to foot skills all summer, between AYSO seasons. She learned a lot and really enjoyed herself. She liked being surrounded by other players who were self-motivated and hard-working. Coach Jason is patient and encouraging, while still challenging the kids to try their best and improve their level of play. All players with positive attitudes can benefit from footskills.

Wendi Lau – Pearl City, HI

Tommy really enjoyed the clinic. He felt challenged by the skill drills and continues to work on them at home. He also enjoyed the coaches who were working with him and the players who motivated him to increase his skills.

Linda Mascaro – Waianae, HI

Thanks coaches- … had a blast!

Scott Harada – Mililani, HI

Great job, coaches! Ali and the Blaze[Leahi] girls learned a lot and most importantly, enjoyed themselves!

Susan Shiraishi – Honolulu, HI

Mahalo Coach Jason, Shardae enjoyed herself at the I Got Skills Camp, I have seen a significant improvement in her playing skills already.

Kelii Manewa – Honolulu, HI

Thank you for providing us with a great soccer experience. The Spring Break Soccer Camp you hosted was well run, well balanced and a lot of fun for Karl. He learned some new skills and really enjoyed being there.

Paul Weisenfeld – Honolulu, HI

Rico cant stop talking about Spring Break Soccer Camp. He loved every moment of it. He even gave up a birthday party on Friday to attend camp all day. Thats how much he loved being there. I was a little concerned early on because Rico was of a younger age and was worried that the camp would be a bit much for him. But from what I did get to experience watching it seemed very organized. The coaches seemed outgoing and shared a similar desire not only to play soccer but to have fun doing it as well. It seemed like the kids were having a blast without even realizing they were practicing/ perfecting soccer skills. Thank you for a great experience! Cant wait for the next camp

Ronnie DeMello – Waipahu, HI